Treating Your Heel Pain
By Charlotte A. Reisinger, DPM, LLC & Dusky R. Farmer, DPM, LLC
May 30, 2019
Category: Foot Conditions
Tags: Heel Pain  

As you’re walking or running, do you ever feel a sensation of discomfort emanating along the bottom of your feet? Do you have a recurring sharp pain at the bottom of your heel? Have you noticed a bony growth at the back of your foot that is interfering with your ability to move around comfortably? If you’re having any of these issues, you need to see a podiatrist at Reisinger Farmer Podiatry in Evansville, IN!

Possible Reasons Why You’re Feeling Heel Pain
Heel pain is something that usually develops gradually over an extended period. It may start as a minor ache here and there before advancing to a pain that you feel every time you take a step. When your feet aren’t cared for, the pain can even be felt while your sleeping! Patients who wear tight or ill-fitting shoes are more likely to develop heel problems. Runners are sometimes prone to a foot condition called plantar fasciitis, which causes pain at the heel. Being overweight or having a family history of foot problems could also be the reason for heel pain.

Heel Pain: How to Treat It?
If you have mild heel pain, staying off your feet for a while and wearing better shoes could help. However, there are cases when the heel pain becomes so intense that you need assistance. Help from an Evansville, IN, podiatrist could come in the form of foot wrapping, foot icing, orthotic supports, night splints, or targeted foot exercises. Surgery is very rarely needed, but a procedure to release tension on the plantar fascia ligament is a possibility.

Heel Pain Prevention
Discomfort in your heels could happen again after treatment if you resume the same habits from before. Here are a few tips for how to prevent future heel pain:

- Be careful about how you’re walking. Overpronation (rolling the foot inward) can aggravate the plantar fascia muscle.
- Work on dropping some weight so that less pressure is put on your feet when you walk.
- Cater to your feet—take the time out to massage and soak them after a long day.
- Schedule regular visits with your podiatrist for checkups.

Heel Pain Help from a Podiatrist
It’s very likely that your heel pain will be resolved with a non-invasive, conservative treatment like physical therapy for your feet. Call (812) 421-8555 today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Charlotte Reisinger or Dr. Dusky Farmer at Reisinger Farmer Podiatry in Evansville, IN.


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