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Treatment For Bunions

Dr. Charlotte Reisinger and Dr. Dusky Farmer of Reisinger Farmer Podiatry, serving Evansville, IN, and the nearby region, treat bunions -- an unsightly foot problem that can cause you pain. This particular issue causes a protrusion from your big toe due to the base of the toe being out of place. It then moves the joint closer to your smaller toes. Fortunately, we can help. 

Correcting Problems From Bunions

If you have a bunion, you're more likely to develop a callus or corn. These issues can lead to pain and discomfort. 

For a callus or corn, one of our Evansville, IN, practitioners can use a surgical blade to remove it. It's a gradual process that consists of removing it and dead layers of skin. It's a temporary solution because the callus or corn may return, and the procedure will need to be done again. It, however, is rather painless. 

Bunion Pads

When you have a bunion that is bothersome, particularly when you wear shoes, we can provide you with a bunion pad. It protects the bunion from your shoe rubbing directly against it. 

A bunion pad can reduce the prevalence of pain and inflammation at and around the site. 

Orthotic Device

A physician from our Evansville, IN, practice can fit you for an orthotic device. It enhances joint stability and repositions your foot so you walk in an optimal way that reduces pressure on the bunion. 

Exercise Therapy

The affected joint is more at risk for arthritis. This particular issue could also limit the mobility you have in your joint. It can also lead to stiffness. 

With exercise therapy, one of our practitioners will ask you to move your joint in certain directions slowly to enhance flexion and function while warding off arthritis. 

Footwear Advice

The shoes you wear can rub against the bunion and exasperate the problem. Our practitioners alleviate this by helping you find the right shoes for you. 


If other methods aren't enough to manage your pain and discomfort, a doctor from our practice may recommend surgical correction.

The type of surgery you receive depends on the severity. For instance, with a mild bunion, the doctor may just remove a portion of the bone and realign the soft tissue surrounding it. In the case of a moderate bunion, the surgeon may cut away at the bone and reposition the bone. Sometimes, the practitioner may need to reposition the soft tissue. In the event of a severe bunion, bone removal, bone realignment, and soft tissue repositioning may all be necessary. 

Dr. Reisinger and Dr. Farmer of Reisinger Farmer Podiatry in Evansville, IN, can provide treatment for bunions. 

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